Hartland Rd, Lyle, WA


Nestled in the hills near the great Columbia River where Jed and Granny Clampett may have been living after their 70s show was cancelled. This early 1900’s Sears and Roebuck four square kit house needed a little work… First, a new composite roof was in order with the removal of five existing layers done by Fisher Roofing. Second story windows were replaced with new vinyl casement windows to insure that egress met current code. The exterior of the home was painstakingly stripped in order to preserve the original wood siding. A 1970’s addition on the back of the home was covered with T1-11 siding, we removed the T1-11 siding and replaced it with brand new cedar siding to replicate the original profile. The front porch got a complete makeover with new railings, posts, stairs as well as skirting, with a Craftsmans style lattice for under the decking. A case or two of Vulkem caulking was applied to seal the structure and a fresh coat of primer and Benjamin Moore Exterior Low Lustre paint turned this tired old home into a stunningly revived piece of history.

Every project has a story and this is no exception. Upon repairing the rotted soffits on the second floor, it was relayed to us that there may be a couple of bats residing in that space. We waited until sundown so the bats could go grab a bite to eat, before we boarded up their residence. While we were waiting for the two bats we actually counted in excess of 70 of their family members. Our project manager discovered that 80 pounds of bat guano dumped on your head is not a pleasant experience… funny (to those of us watching), but not pleasant. Now that’s employee dedication. And while replacing some of the siding we found newspapers in the walls proclaiming the one year anniversary of the Titanic going down – pretty cool.