Professional Service Agreement

Our Professional Service Agreement is a multi-step process tool to help refine decisions that will be within a budget range, aesthetic look, functionality, and ease. This service is typically associated with a footprint change.

Design Consultations:

As remodeling experts we specialize in finding creative solutions to any and all design situations. We have over 20 years of hands- on experience in understanding the flow of the space planning and conceivable construction.

Supplier (product, materials) Consultation:

We will help guide you through material and product selections within your budget range so you can make the right decisions of how your money is spent.

Fixed Bid:

After all the information is gathered and we have an agreed upon design, we will draft a fixed bid that reflects all of the material choices and any subcontractor costs that may apply. The bid will define the exact costs to change your home into what we have imagined together. This number is to make your dreams come to life.

Professional Service Agreement